Date: 9 February 2004




The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal has become the first Royal Navy ship to carry the TRITEC FASE II as part of its network maintenance equipment.

TRITEC already has an excellent reputation with the Ministry of Defence for providing equipment for installing and maintaining optical fibre links and networks worldwide. The compact and robust design of the FASE II has influenced both the RAF and Army’s decision to select this piece of equipment.

Technology in the Royal Navy has advanced considerably, and all of the internal Communications and Information Systems (CIS) LANs are moving over to fibre. In the past the Navy commissioned all fibre work to external contractors, which could only be carried out when the ship was in re-fit. It has now become essential that the Royal Navy has the capability to maintain these systems at sea. An increasing number of Royal Navy technicians are being trained for fibre installation, and this trend has led to the requirement for a fusion splicer to be kept on board.

Jonathan Hunt, sales & marketing manager of TRITEC states, "An on board fusion splicer for maintenance purposes may not be used very often. It is essential, therefore, that the operator can quickly respond to a fault in the network and repair the break easily, without having to consult the splicer user manual. We are delighted that, once again, its ease of use was the key reason why the FASE II was chosen for this application."

With the likelihood of ships spending more time away from port, and fibre technology advancing throughout the Royal Navy, it is expected that more vessels will be equipped with TRITEC fusion splicers in future.

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