Date: 26 April 2002



TRITEC Developments continues its international expansion by announcing its new partnership with ATC. The company is now the distributor for TRITEC’s market leading fibre installation equipment across Africa.

ATC is Africa’s only manufacturer of optical fibre and is established as the leading producer and supplier of turnkey communication projects and equipment. Furthermore it supplies optical fibre test and fusion splicing equipment to the local Johannesburg and pan-African markets.

Dionne Driver, Equipment Product Manager at ATC, comments on the agreement: "At ATC we are committed to providing the widest range of products to all our clients, and were looking to expand our number of fibre test and fusion splicing products. We also realised that we needed a more cost effective and compact product offering within our fusion splicer range. TRITEC’s FASE II fusion splicer fitted our requirements exactly due to the unique attributes of the product. Furthermore, we were very impressed by TRITEC’s technical expertise and excellent reputation within the global fusion splicing market. The company had both the infrastructure and support services that we required. "

ATC will be focusing its attention on TRITEC’s awarding winning FASE II fixed alignment splicer, designed to produce low-loss splices with both singlemode and multimode fibre. The rugged and ergonomic design means that the FASE II fusion splicer is suitable in every installation environment.

Jonathan Hunt, Sales and Marketing Manager at TRITEC Developments, adds: "We were keen to expand into the African market, and are delighted to be working alongside Africa’s major optical fibre supplier and producer. ATC’s world-wide reputation of excellence makes this partnership an excellent move forward for TRITEC. We have already built up a strong partnership with ATC and look forward to working with them closely in the future. "

TRITEC continues to add to its high profile list of international distributors and customers. This latest announcement follows hard on the heels of a number of deals with South American distributor Secotec and the Ministry of Defence.

If you require more information on this or TRITEC products please contact us or contact ATC for information on TRITEC products in South Africa.


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