Date: 12 April 1999


TRITEC Developments Limited, the UK optical fibre installation equipment manufacturer, has introduced a new compact video fusion splicing system into its range of Fixed Alignment Splicing Equipment. The FASEKIT(LCD) provides everything required to enable the operator to produces high quality fusion splices whilst viewing the process on a liquid crystal display (LCD).

The FASEKIT(LCD) includes the FASE IIc Compact Fusion Splicer and HSO IIc Heatshrink Oven, which are adapted versions of TRITEC's highly successful existing splicing equipment. The kit uses a miniature CCD camera to provide a clear image of the fibres on the 3.8" LCD Monitor. It is supplied with a mounting bracket to attach the monitor to the provided Mounting Plate.

The package also includes a Fibre Handler to allow easy transfer of the fibre from the splicer to the heatshrink oven. The equipment is housed in a robust carry case (500 mm x 370 mm x 190 mm) which also has space for a G-Clamp and the TRITEC TCII+ or TC A8 Optical Fibre Cleaver.

The video signal from the camera can also be connected to an external monitor making it ideal for training or demonstration purposes.

Powered from the HSO IIc internal battery the FASEKIT(LCD) provides a truly low cost and robust stand-alone splicing system, which produces typical average splice losses of 0.05 dB on both multimode and singlemode fibre.

The hard case is also available separately or with TRITEC's existing, microscope only, splicing equipment, the FASEKIT.

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