Date: 20 October 1998


Today, DTI Minister, Ian McCartney, presented TRITEC Developments Ltd with the prestigious Millennium Product award for the TCII+ Optical Fibre Cleaver.

The TCII+, designed by TRITEC, was announced as one of the first successful applications under the Design Council's Millennium Products scheme. The initiative, launched by Tony Blair (the British Prime Minister) in September 1997, is aiming to identify new, forward-thinking, creative products emerging from the UK as we approach the new millennium.

The Minister said "This is a significant achievement for TRITEC. The TCII+ is one of only 202 products which were selected from nearly 1,000 applications."

The TCII+ Optical Fibre Cleaver is used to produce flat square ends on optical fibres so that they can be joined together. When cleaving optical fibres it is very important to dispose of the offcut end in a safe manner - especially in premise installations. The product was selected for its innovative design and safety features.

The TCII+ incorporates a unique patented mechanism which automatically collects cleaved fibre ends in an integral container. The waste fibre can be disposed of later, removing the need for dangerous sharps to be handled on the installation site.

Weighing less than 0.5 kg and measuring 116 x 85 x 33 mm - the compact and rugged design makes the cleaver ideally suited for use in the laboratory or out in the field. The ergonomic design enables the cleaver to be operated in either hand with a single press of the button. Alternatively, a tripod mounting point is provided for bench-mounted operation.

The cleaver accepts coating diameters up to 2.5 mm. Using the scale provided cleaved ends can be produced with as little as 3 mm of bare fibre (on 250 Ám diameter coated fibre).

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