Date: 20 June 2001


TRITEC Developments Limited, the UK optical fibre installation equipment manufacturer, has introduced a new cost effective precision optical fibre cleaver. The TC A8 is the fast and easy way to produce the quality cleaves necessary for fusion splicing.

This simple to operate cleaver produces cleave angles of less than 1° on both singlemode and multimode fibres. The universal V-groove will accept both 250µm and 900µm coated fibre and a graduated scale allows the operator to accurately set cleave lengths as short as 1 mm. Its compact design (weighing in at only 120g and measuring 70 x 70 x 40 mm) means it is ideally suited for the fibre installation environment, where portability is crucial.

David Myers, Director of TRITEC, said "The cleave quality of fibre is critical to obtaining low loss fusion splices and with the TC A8 we believe we have the ideal balance between cost and quality."

TRITEC now offer a choice of cleavers with the top of the range TCII+ high precision cleaver providing the best quality cleaves (less than 0.5° end angles) with a unique safety mechanism for collecting the offcut fibres. The ease of use and performance of the TC A8 compliments TRITEC's existing Fixed Alignment Splicing Equipment range, including the highly regarded FASE II compact fusion splicer.

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