Date: 9 November 2001


The UK’s leading provider of fibre optic installation and splicing equipment - TRITEC Developments - is launching a new mounting bracket to complement the TRITEC TC A8 Optical Fibre Cleaver.

The new enhancement enables the TRITEC TC A8 to be mounted at an ergonomic angle at the front of the FASE II fusion splicer allowing for "hands free" operation, providing added flexibility and efficiency for the user.

The announcement comes just weeks after the launch of the new precision cleaver - TRITEC TC A8 - designed to produce fast, high quality cleaves for cost effective fusion splicing. It produces smooth, flat, perpendicular (less than 1.0 degree) fibre end faces that are essential in low-loss fusion splicing. The TRITEC TC A8 cleaves all singlemode and multimode, 250 µm and 900 µm coated fibres without adjustment, with one simple stroke. Its unique compact design means it is ideally suited for the fibre installation environment where portability is crucial.

David Myers, director of TRITEC Developments, commented: " We are delighted to be able to offer all our customers this new mounting system. It is designed to complement the recently launched TRITEC TC A8, which has already proved to be an exciting and popular addition to our product range. It will provide users with further flexibility when using the precision cleaver. TRITEC is committed to providing only the very latest technology to all its customers, and we are always looking to stay one step ahead."

The new bracket adds to TRITEC’s range of splicing accessories including the Fibre Preparation Kit, which has been developed to enable quick and efficient fusion splicing in a variety of environments.

TRITEC also offers the award winning TCII+ Optical Fibre Cleaver, and a range of fusion splicing solutions including the FASE II fusion splicer.

If you require more information on this or other TRITEC products please contact us.


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