Date: 1 September 1997


TRITEC Developments' FASE II fusion splicer can now produce low loss splices when jointing Fibercore Erbium Doped Amplifier Fibre to standard singlemode fibre. In response to requests by a number of customers a special program was developed by TRITEC engineers. Using this program average splice losses between EDF and standard singlemode fibre of 0.13dB were achieved.

The FASE II is the first compact fusion splicer to have a special program developed to splice EDF to standard singlemode fibre. The FASE II easily matched the performance of the more expensive 3-axis machines previously used for splicing these fibres. "Once again the flexibilty of the FASE II's microprocessor based control has proved its worth" said David Myers, a director of TRITEC.

Erbium Doped Fibre or Amplifier Fiber can be used to boost the signal in long haul fibre cables removing the need for repeaters. The small core of the Amplifier Fibres means that special care must be taken when fusion splicing these fibres to standard singlemode fibres to minimise the mode field mismatch.

The method developed by TRITEC in conjunction with Fibercore uses repeated short arcs to locally expand the mode field by diffusion of the dopants. By using this technique, known as 'Diffusion Splicing', a smooth transition beween the cores is achieved.

An application note on EDF splicing is available on request from TRITEC.

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