KD Optics offer both an LED and Laser Visible Light Source for tracing and locating faults in optical fibre.


The KD Optics FT-20 is a small, hand-held, visible source used for tracing multimode fibre optic cables and is especially useful for identifing a single fibre in a multi-fibre cable.

The unit has a bright LED output modulated at 2Hz and is housed in a tough durable case.

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The VLS-40 is an easy to use, hand-held, visible source for testing fibre optic cable installations. The unit is pocket sized with a long battery life, making it ideal for local fault finding and continuity checking of fibres.

The 635nm output wavelength appears approximately nine times brighter than units operating at 670nm making a break or loss much easier to see even through jacketed cables containing kevlar.

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